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    Armando Roggio

    Armando Roggio

    Armando Roggio is senior contributing editor for Web Marketing Today and the director of marketing and ecommerce for a regional, multi-channel retailer. He has 17 years of Internet and marketing experience. armando@webmarketingtoday.com

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    7 Must-have WordPress Plugins for Business Sites

    January 3, 2013 •

    WordPress plugins extend the popular content management system’s capabilities and, in many cases, improve its performance. While each site may wish to use a different combination of plugins, there are simply some of these extensions that every business must haveRead More »

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    Using Plugins with a WordPress Site

    December 27, 2012 •

    WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) available, can be extended and modified to include new functions or features using plugins. WordPress plugins are PHP scripts that either add some function or feature to an existing WordPress site or change the way that ... Read More »

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    Concrete5 CMS: Themes and Add-ons

    December 24, 2012 •

    Adding themes or extensions to a Concrete5-powered website requires next to no technical skills. Users fill out a couple of online forms and click a few buttons to either get additional themes or add-ons to extend the sites capabilitiesRead More »

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    Concrete5 for Simple, Version-Controlled Sites

    December 13, 2012 •

    Concrete5 is an open-source, PHP-based content management system that allows even non-technical users to make changes to site content in the same way that they might make changes to a document in a word processor. Concrete5 also allows for version control so that it is ... Read More »

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    Create a WordPress Site in 21 Minutes or Less

    December 10, 2012 •

    The WordPress content management system is one of the easiest-to-use website platforms for businesses. It is certainly one of the most popular with more than a 50-percent share of the open-source CMS market, according to published estimates. With very little technical skill, WordPress can be downloaded, ... Read More »

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    Comparing WordPress.com and WordPress.org

    December 4, 2012 •

    The WordPress content management system powers nearly 1-in-4 websites worldwide and has earned a reputation for reliability, flexibility, and usability. Businesses considering WordPress soon learn that there are seemingly two versions: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Understanding the differences — and similarities — between WordPress.com and WordPress.org may help ... Read More »

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    Marketing with Automated Email Sprints

    November 26, 2012 •

    Automated email sprints are a form of triggered email marketing designed to send specific communications based on a customer’s actions. Sprints can be used to build client relationships, sell additional products, or follow up after someone has purchased a product or service. Bronto Software, an email ... Read More »

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    3 Ways to Get New Clients Now

    New Clients Thumbnail
    November 15, 2012 •

    Broadcasting, positioning, and advertising a business can generate new leads and new clients in a hurry. There are plenty of times when small or middle-sized businesses simply need new clients and need them now. Fortunately, the difference between not having good prospects and having the phone ... Read More »

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    How to Build Instant Rapport Online

    Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 12.42.56 PM
    October 31, 2012 •

    Making a strong connection with prospective clients or customers online may generate more leads and more sales. But visiting a website is nothing like meeting someone face to face. Creating rapport online is certainly more challenging. Rapport is a relationship or connection. It is a barely-conscience ... Read More »

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    Using Social Media as a Customer Service Channel

    Customer Service Staff
    October 24, 2012 •

    Nearly one in six people on Earth regularly use social media. Those 1 billion users expect businesses to respond quickly to questions or concerns posted to social media sites. Many businesses understand the value of marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or even Pinterest. They regularly ... Read More »

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