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Testing Your Google Analytics Knowledge

Google Analytics is a comprehensive, detailed platform. You must understand it to use it properly. There’s a tool, Google Analytics Test, to help you test that understanding — to know if your Google Analytics knowledge is where it should be.

Google Analytics Test Screenshot 1

Google Analytics Test measures your knowledge of that service.

How It Works

Google Analytics Test is based on version 5 — the newest — of Google Analytics and offers many online tests for users to see how knowledgeable they are. The site offers testing to users, who can create a profile with a personal page to review or retake tests. Users can save results and take tests an unlimited number of times. And if you have created a profile, test results are sent directly to your email.

Testing Your Knowledge

Google Analytics Test allows users to choose from many subject areas, including “Custom Reports,” “In-Page Analytics,” and “Traffic Sources & Campaigns.” There are also tests on related subjects, such as search engine optimization, Google AdWords, and regular expressions. Overall, users can choose from 28 testing categories.

Google Analytics Test Screenshot 2

The test allows you to check your knowledge on specific Google Analytics subjects.

After choosing categories, users determine how many questions to take on that test. The program automatically shows you how many questions are available — users choose from 200 multiple-choice and true/false questions. The questions are based on real-world scenarios.

Once finished with the test, results are available immediately. Users can see their overall scores and are shown a recap of the test questions. To see why a question was answered incorrectly, users simply click on the question and go to the page with a thorough answer, along with an annotated screenshots of that scenario.

Benefits of Testing

With Google Analytics Test, you don’t have to take an entire test in one sitting. You can stop and come back later. Tests are not timed; there is no time limit on any given session. Another benefit includes having the ability to change existing answers, or answer any questions that may have been passed over the first time. Plus, once the test has been corrected, users can comment on the question directly within the site.

Google Analytics Test also offers social features, such as commenting, posting, and the ability to add questions.

Google Analytics Test Screenshot 3

The test accommodates different types of test takers.

Should I Take the Test?

Google Analytics Test site is intended for intermediate-to-advanced users. But it can also be useful for beginners. The site has had more than 5,000 tests completed since its launch in 2011. It is gaining recognition as a resource to help prepare for Google Analytics Individual Qualification Test.

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