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How to Track Conversions from Google AdWords PPC Campaigns

In this video interview paid search expert Kate Morris explains how to track conversions from Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Google gives you a conversion tracking code which you paste into the HTML of the “thank you” page for your sale, subscription, or lead. Now Google AdWords will report cost per conversion for each keyword so you can determine which keywords convert for you and eliminate the rest. It is adequate to check your cost per conversion on Google AdWords campaign on a monthly basis. For campaigns with a long conversion time, track each lead in an Excel spreadsheet or CRM system by date, keyword, result, etc. When you track cost per conversion you’ll now know accurately how much you can spend on advertising and still make money.

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Kate Morris is a marketing expert for RateGenuis.com as well as a consultant. She can be reached through her blog at LonghornKate.com or Twitter: KateMorris. She was interviewed in November 2008 at the PubCon Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

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