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What SEO Ranking Signals Are Important Now

In this video interview, SEO pioneer Mike Grehan reviews how keyword placement, then links, and now social signals have affected rankings on the search engines — and what you should be doing now to boost your rankings.

In the early days of search engines the primary signal for rankings was getting keywords in the right places on a webpage. Then, beginning with Google, links became the primary signal.

Now search engines are looking for signals from end user behavior to deduce what users want. One such user behavioral signal is time on a page or the bounce rate. With a tool bar installed, search engines can now track what you do after the click to gauge engagement.

When it comes to social signals, there’s a lot of confusion. It isn’t about who generates the most tweets. Rather, user-generated content included in ‘rich snippets’ — such as reviews and ratings — are become important social signals.

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