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How to Identify and Monetize Your Most Valuable Keywords

In this video interview, SEO expert Aaron Wall explains how to use Google Search-Based Keyword Tool (www.google.com/sktool/) in order to find lists of keywords with in categories, bid prices, and search volumes, so you can determine how best to structure you site to make money on ads and affiliates.

From this tool you can get ideas from the lists that might now show up on traditional keyword tools. You can search by core keyword, use filters, and export up to 800 keywords at a time. The tool contains filters based on PPC bid price as well as estimated search volume.

So you might filter for keywords in your category that have a $12 or greater bid price. Export those. Then export keywords in the $10 to $11 category, export those, and so on. Then in a spreadsheet, set up a new column called search value, which is formed from multiplying the number of monthly searches times the bid value. Then sort on the search value column to find your most valuable keywords.

This data tells you how you can structure your site, which webpages to create and which keywords to focus them on, and how high this webpage should appear in your directory structure.

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