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March 2013: 10 Most Popular Posts

Here are the ten most popular articles we published in March 2013, based on the number of page views. Articles we published earlier in the month are more likely to make the list than later ones.

Storytelling in Web Design

Storytelling is a powerful form of communication. This post explains ways storytelling can be utilized in marketing and site design through basic design elements.

Examples of Storytelling in Web Design

This post follows up “Storytelling in Web Design” by examining 10 websites that use storytelling to further their brands.

10 Infographic Tools to Drive Traffic

High quality infographics can be an excellent source of traffic. This piece lists 10 tools for creating beautiful infographics without needing any design knowledge.

10 Slideshare Presentations for Marketers, Designers

Marketers often use online presentations to learn new tricks and techniques. Here are 10 SlideShare presentations for web marketers and designers.

Google Enhanced Campaigns: What Advertisers Need To Know

Google AdWords launched its new Enhanced Campaigns in February, bringing many changes to the AdWords system. This article explains what changes advertisers can expect and how advertisers can use the new features to their benefit.

8 Web Form Ideas to Increase Conversions

Marketers commonly use web forms to increase conversion rates. In this piece, contributor Kevin Webster provides eight ideas for improving web forms.

10 Social Media Ailments and Remedies, Part 1

In “Part 1” of her 2-part series on curing social media ailments, contributor Yasmin Bendror lists five common problems web marketers encounter in social media and provides simple solutions.

LinkedIn for Attorneys: Beyond the Basics

In this article, contributor Micah Buchdahl, an Internet marketing attorney, provides information on using LinkedIn as a marketing tool, for lawyers and other professionals.

9 Helpful YouTube Videos for Web Marketers

YouTube is a valuable learning resource for web marketers looking to improve their skills. This piece lists nine helpful YouTube videos to increase your web marketing knowledge.

Testing the Words on your Website to Gain Clients

Website copy is one of the most important ways to attract customers and which words you use can have a big influence. This piece by contributor Andy Curry explains methods for testing site copy to achieve the best results.

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