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Google Analytics: Sources to Learn, Improve

Google Analytics is a comprehensive platform to measure and track the activity on a website. There are many sources to learn the features of Google Analytics — for beginners to experienced users. In this article, I’ll address four sources for improving your Analytics knowledge.


If you learn by listening, consider Google Analytics IQ. These videos offer a structured format, yet can be followed at your pace. Simply click on the pause button or a given breakout section within the presentation to stop, go back, or move forward with the slides. While listening to the presenter, an on-screen presentation — similar to PowerPoint — appears with the audio. Users can click on the “Notes” tab within each presentation to follow word-by-word with the audio. There are over a dozen clips to choose from in the categories of First Steps, Interpreting Reports, Fundamentals, and In-Depth Analysis.

Another helpful video source is Google Analytics YouTube channel. It contains many videos with beginner and advanced Analytics topics. Viewers can choose their areas of interest. You can even subscribe to the channel, to follow the latest videos as they are published.

Google Analytics Youtube

The Google Analytics YouTube channel is a good way to learn.


There are many tips, tricks, and how-tos in Brian Clifton’s third-edition book, Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics. With more than 500 pages, the book shows readers how to “implement proven web analytics methods and concepts,” including the installation, configuration, tracking and best practices of Google Analytics. Clifton also explains filters, measurement, tagging, segmentation, and reporting — as well as more advanced setups for configuring goals, filters, and more. This is a helpful read for those looking to expand on their Analytics knowledge.


There are plenty of Google Analytics blogs — written by users and experts. This includes Google’s own blog, Google Analytics Blog. It contains the updates on the latest tools and features. You can also sign up for beta releases as new or improved Analytics features are launched.

Google Analytics Blog

The Google Analytics Blog helps to stay informed of new features.

There are also seminars and workshops worldwide that you can attend to learn the basics of Analytics, or become a more advanced user. These hands-on sessions help to stay abreast with the latest features within Google Analytics.

Consulting with Experts

Last but not least, for help in customization, consulting, and advanced implementation, you can retain Google Analytics Certified Partners. Among the services provided by these experts are digital measurement planning, testing, dashboard development, mobile and app implementation, tech support, and product training. All Google Analytics Certified Partners have met Google’s qualification standards. They are the best of the best.

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