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Google Analytics: 10 Tips to Increase Productivity

Google Analytics can help you understand your audience and track your site’s overall marketing performance. Here are 10 tips to make your Google Analytics experience more productive.

1. Customize Your Dashboard

Google Analytics recently added a new feature to provide flexibility in creating a custom dashboard. Choose from a variety of layouts and options, and how you view the data.

2. Create Shortcuts for Key Reports

Another way to increase productivity within Google Analytics is by creating shortcuts. This helps you produce important reports with a single click. Shortcuts remember your settings; you don’t have to configure a new report each time you open it. Any setting you apply to a report stays applied in a shortcut until you manually change the settings. There are some limitations on the shortcuts you can implement. Overall, it’s a helpful tool to use. To create your own shortcuts, go to the Shortcuts menu under the Home tab of your dashboard.

Google Analytics shortcuts

Adding shortcuts in Google Analytics can save you time.

3. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate quickly within Google Analytics . For example, to access the search box, click the “s” button on your keyboard while within Google Analytics. Or, click the “d” and “t” buttons to change the date range to today. For a complete on-screen list of Google Analytics keyboard shortcuts, click the “shift” and “?” buttons.

4. Utilize Your Recent History

Don’t jump from report to report looking for something you previously created. Utilize the Recent History feature by clicking inside the search box located in the upper left corner of the dashboard. Here, you can view the previous reports, and see up to five of the last one you opened.

Recent History

Using recent history can make finding what you need faster and easier.

5. Use the ‘Search’ Functionality

While you’re using the Recent History feature, note the search box. As with many other search functions, here you can type in a keyword related to the report, item or shortcut you’re looking for, and search within the Google Analytics dashboard.

6. Export for Quicker Reporting

One feature of Google Analytics we use consistently is the export function. This allows us to share data from within the platform with team members and clients. Google Analytics provides the option to export reports in various formats, including PDF, Excel, and Google Spreadsheets. This, again, makes for faster and easier reporting.

7. Utilize Geo Maps

The Geo Maps widget is a new addition to the Google Analytics interface. Users can color code data by continent, country, state, and so on. This allows for a better view of data by geographic location, and provides many metrics and the option of adding filters.

8. Develop Bar Charts

The bar-chart widget is now available on the improved dashboard in Google Analytics. This new feature gives users more productivity by keying in on specific areas of data by developing bar charts using various metrics, grouped by dimension, and displayed as either horizontal or vertical charts.

bar charts widget

Organize your data and make it easier to view with the bar charts widget.

9. Access Advanced Segments

The Advanced Segments feature has recently been added to the dashboard. Users can find this button in the upper left section of the dashboard near the Audience Overview header. Easier access to the tool means quicker action for you.

10. New Navigation Means Quicker Filtering of Data

Google Analytics recently improved its overall navigation. There are less tabs at the top of the screen, with just Reporting, Customization, Admin and Help appearing now. This area had been freshened up a bit, and some of the buttons are now in the left sidebar. This layout makes more sense, and offers a more unified placement for the tools. Another helpful revision to the navigation is that the top orange navigation bar floats as the user scrolls down the page. Previously, this was fix on the page.


Recent changes to the Google Analytics navigation make it overall easier to use.

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