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9 Helpful YouTube Videos for Web Marketers

YouTube can be a valuable learning resource for web marketers. Many top agencies and subject matter experts present free webinars and tutorials there. Here are nine YouTube videos from the past year that can help with your web marketing.

Tutorial: Branding Yourself

An excerpt from online learning resource Lynda.com, this tutorial explores personal branding on the web. Lynda offers a free 7-day trial during which you can watch the rest of the series.

How to Check For Plagiarism

While created from the perspective of an affiliate marketer, this video by the MoneyMakingDojo, a provider of marketing videos, describes how to search the web for people using your marketing content in an unauthorized way.

Google+ Local Tutorial

If you rely on walk-in traffic to a brick-and-mortar location, or you simply have a regional business, adding your website to Google+ Local is an important step in increasing your online visibility. LeapDog Marketing, a North Carolina-based marketing firm, walks you through the steps to getting your business listed online.

The Positives of Negative Keywords in Google AdWords

Adster Creative, a Canada-based marketing agency, discusses the positive impact of negative keywords on your AdWords account. By utilizing negative keywords, you can exclude variations of searches from showing your ads, such as someone searching for your product or service with the word “free” or “cheap” in front of it.

Optify Best Practices: Landing Pages

Optify, a digital marketing software company, presents a 40-minute webinar on effective landing page design.

Responsive Web Design Examples

Responsive Web Design blog is published by Foster Creative, a marketing and design firm in Toronto. In this video, the author of that blog share insights into three websites, and how they utilize responsive site design to maximize the user experience. Responsive design is a technique that adjusts the appearance of your website based on what device — i.e., smartphone, tablet, laptop — is being used to view it.

Top 5 SEO 2012 Tips

Ray Higdon, marketing consultant, interviews five industry specialists and presents what they deem to be the top five search engine optimization tips of 2012.

Email Copywriting Tips: 5 Proven Subject Line Formulas

Multiple Stream Media, a marketing and development firm, introduces five ideas for writing great email marketing subject lines, designed to boost the open rate of your campaigns.

B-to-B Corporate Website Best Practices

Written and presented for business-to-business companies, eDynamic, a digital marketing agency, offers insights into what makes a B-to-B website great, specifically in how it provides for a compelling and effective visitor experience.

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