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8 Web Form Ideas to Increase Conversions

Converting web visitors to leads is critical for businesses. Utilizing simple techniques to enhance the quote request, contact us, or other frequently used web forms increases the likelihood that a visitor will respond. Here are 8 ideas in the form of real world examples that might help increase your conversion rate.

Lionways Contact

Here, web design firm Lionways utilizes a theme familiar to just about everyone — post cards — to add a level of comfort in filling out a contact us form.

RxBalance Contact

Customers may want to contact you for different reasons. By including a check box layout, nutraceutical company Purity Life engages visitors before the submit button is pressed. Customers know that the inquiry will be properly routed and addressed.

Shareist Signup

Increasingly, options to create accounts using social media credentials are a customer expectation, not an option. Content curation platform Shareist makes this simple and easy to do.

Mint – Create a New Account

Personal finance management site Mint.com conveys the security of its service with a simple lock icon, as well as reinforcing why it’s a good idea to sign up for their service in the right column of the web form — “Why you’ll love it.”

ScoutLook Register

Many websites have different types of accounts associated with them, with different logins. Here, fishing and hunting weather service provider ScoutLook alerts potential registrants up front about the kind of registration they are making. This prevents confusion, disappointment, and wasted time.

FreshBooks Signup

FreshBooks, the accounting platform, uses an informal dialogue in the right column to diminish suspicions, and an ultra-simple two-field form to acquire new accounts.

Instagram Login

Instagram, a mobile photo sharing service, recognizes that users are going to be connecting with mobile devices. So a simple two-field form, surrounded by white space, is its design choice for a login page. Consider all devices when building web forms.

Interstate Threaded Products – Request a Quote

Requesting a quote on complex manufacturing processes can be tedious and difficult if it involves something a customer may not order often. Here, Interstate Threaded Products — which makes threaded fasteners — provides image examples to help customers describe their request in terms both sides understand.

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  1. Brian Edmondson March 22, 2013 Reply

    Great post, always love seeing case studies of what other sites are actually doing. One common mistake I notice a lot of my clients making is that they have a simple “email me” or contact me type of call to action; which requires more “work” on the prospects part…

    Most of the time, when that’s swapped out with a simple fill in the blank type form, conversions go up – whether it’s a contact us, request a quote, or other type of form.

    – Brian T. Edmondson

    • Kevin April 19, 2013 Reply

      Thanks for the feedback Brian. The biggest lift in trackable conversions I’ve managed to create in the last several years is a simple “Request a Callback” form. We have it on every page, including pages containing more complex forms.

      People simply leave a name and number. They don’t have to wait on hold, go through a complex IVR to reach someone, etc. It’s a great little form.

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