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7 Web Marketing Blog Posts for 2013

Here are seven blog posts that may assist your marketing efforts as you head into 2013.

“9 Online Marketing Trends for 2013”

9 Online Marketing Trends for 2013

Anna Talerico, co-founder of Ion Interactive, a marketing firm, begins with a discussion of ZMOT — Zero Moment of Truth — and walks her readers through nine key initiatives for next year. While some of the concepts are complex and likely beyond the reach of small business, many are easy, and all are thought provoking, especially mobile and personalization.

“Analyzing and Refining Internet Marketing Strategies”

Analyzing and Refining Internet Marketing Strategies

Written by Ribi Khaimov of Etech7, an information technology consulting firm, this blog post itemizes a brief yet powerful five-step process towards a better Internet marketing strategy. At the top of that list is implementing an analytics program so you can measure your results, and continues with a discussion of proper metric selection, refinements, and evaluations to make as the year progresses.

“2013 Top Hotel Internet Marketing Strategies”

2013 Top Hotel Internet Marketing Strategies

Mike Supple of Milestone Internet Marketing, a hotel marketing firm, explores strategies for making hotels more visible through search and other web means in this excellent write up. But any small business focused on driving people to a physical location can employ these methods. In particular, the sections on local optimization and reviews are important.

“12 Internet Marketing Strategy Mistakes”

12 Internet Marketing Mistakes

Kelly Brown of Sanctuary Media Group, a marketing and development firm, outlines 12 critical mistakes companies make in their Internet marketing efforts. This is an excellent post if you haven’t started your 2013 marketing strategy, or you’d like some checkpoints to measure against your current plan.

“Optimizing for Mobile: The New Rules of Mobile Marketing”

Optimizing for Mobile: The New Rules of Mobile Marketing

Amy Brown of Zizinya Web Solutions, a web design and marketing firm, provides insight into the modern mobile marketing strategy. Through six simple rules, Brown explains the mobile channel, and offers suggestions to ensure you are executing your plan.

“32 Marketers Weigh In On The Future of Internet Marketing”

32 Marketers Weigh In On the Future of Internet Marketing

For several years now, CrazyEgg, an eye-tracking platform, has published in December predictions on marketing trends for the coming year. This time, Kristi Hines, a freelance writer for CrazyEgg, asked 32 Internet marketers what they thought would be important in 2013. Answers vary from social media, to analytics, to personal brand authority.

“13 Optimization Tips For Managing Low-Budget PPC Accounts”

13 Optimization Tips for Managing Low Budget PPC Accounts

Dave Rosborough, an account manager with Hanapin Marketing, a search engine marketing firm, addresses how a small business with a limited pay-per-click budget can best utilize that channel. Review the 13 tips throughout the year, checking against your campaigns. Rosborough addresses everything from splitting your budget amongst your campaigns, to employing negative keywords, to preventing your ads from showing on low impact searches.

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