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11 Twitter Accounts for Business Marketing

On Twitter, many businesses carry on conversations about web marketing, and how to best achieve your marketing objectives.

Below are 11 Twitter accounts worth following to learn more about web marketing, as well as to join in on the conversation. As a reminder, you can follow Web Marketing Today here: https://twitter.com/WebMarketToday

The OPEN Forum: @openforum

Amex Open

Powered by American Express, the OPEN Forum engages small business owners worldwide, and asks them to share ideas, work with each other, and generally tell their story.

BizSugar Blog: @smallbusinessls

BizSugar Blog

BizSugar utilizes its blog and Twitter account to pass along marketing and sales tips, as well as other posts and articles of interest to the small business owner.

John Jantsch: @ducttape

John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a thought leader on small business marketing, and his use of Twitter is clever, educational, and engaging. You’ll find pearls of wisdom, as well as interesting re-Tweets of people he follows in the industry.

Alyssa Gregory: @alyssagregory

Alyssa Gregory

If you are struggling with the concept of business blogging, Alyssa Gregory is a great resource to follow. Her tweets cover a wide variety of small business issues, yet there’s a strong focus on utilizing blogs to communicate with clients and potential customers.

Jacob Cass: @justcreative

Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass delves into the creative side of marketing. From logo design to blogging to social media, Cass tweets and retweets on many issues surrounding marketing, advertising and subsequent customer acquisition.

Avinash Kaushik: @avinash


Without the analysis of results, we can’t improve our web marketing efforts. On matters regarding web analytics and data visualization, Kaushik utilizes Twitter to spread better understanding of our statistics.

Jeff Bullas: @jeffbullas

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is a writer that caters to web marketers worldwide. He offers much insight through his blog and Twitter account on social media marketing and using web content to sell more goods and services.

Joanna Lord: @joannalord

Joanna Lord

As vice president of growth marketing for SEOmoz, Joanna Lord has insight into various web marketing strategies. She tweets about marketing ideas, web analytics, customer retention, and shares articles from the SEOmoz web site as well as from around the web.

Mathew Ingram: @mathewi

Mathew Ingram

Writer and columnist Mathew Ingram is fascinated by how we share information. While many of his tweets pertain to journalism, online and off, the message to marketers is still there. Learn how people are communicating, and become part of that conversation.

TweetSmarter: @TweetSmarter


Through their Twitter account, Dave Larson, a web marketing consultant, and “Sarah” provide tips on better using Twitter to market, as well as answer questions on the topic. Further, TweetSmarter provides news and insight on how other organizations are using Twitter to communicate.

Warren Whitlock: @warrenwhitlock

Warren Whitlock

As a writer, speaker, radio host, and frequent Twitter user, Warren Whitlock utilizes the medium to share his thoughts on why Twitter works, both as a communication tool and an advertising tool.

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  1. Marketing Guru London July 18, 2013 Reply

    Great post Kevin! Its always productive to follow people or businesses that inspire you to grow. As an entrepreneur myself I like to broaden my knowledge of marketing techniques and browse for interesting articles written by other entrepreneurs and marketers! Thanks for sharing!

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