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10 Whitepapers on Pay-per-click Advertising

Managing a pay-per-click advertising campaign on Google AdWords or a similar platform can be daunting. Here are ten whitepapers that can help.

Navigating the Google Display Network

White Paper - Google Display Network


One of the more challenging aspects of pay-per-click is display banner advertising. Hanapin Marketing, a PPC management firm, offers strategy and best practices for running display-based advertising in this whitepaper.

The Advertiser’s Guide to Writing Profitable Pay Per Click

White Paper - The Advertiser's Guide to Writing Profitable PPC


BoostCTR, an ad copy optimization firm, shares ideas on how to write ads that get clicked, pointing prospects down the path to conversion.

AdWords Beginner’s Guide

White Paper - Adwords Beginner's Guide


Digital Advertising firm Koozai created this beginner’s level whitepaper on how to structure your account, as well as to explain how different “match types” work on the keyword level. “Match types” is an important concept, as it drives how and when your ads will display in the Google searches. It is a strong determining factor in the success of your advertising.

eVision PPC White Paper

White Paper - eVision - White Paper Series


Search engine marketing company eVision outlines why it can take time to be successful with PPC, and provides some insight on keyword testing, and how to focus on elements that really matter in a high return-on-investment ad campaign.

Targeting Methods for Remarketing With Google Analytics

White Paper - Targeting Methods for Remarketing with Google Analytics


MoreVisibilty, an Internet marketing company, explores re-targeting through Google AdWords. Often overlooked by new advertisers, re-targeting is the practice of serving display ads to consumers who have already visited your website, but may not have made a purchase or completed a lead generation form.

Six Things You Need to Know About Real-time Display Advertising

White Paper - Six Things You Need to Know About Real-time Display Advertising


Written by Quantcast, a digital analytics company, this whitepaper discusses real time bidding, the practice of using software — or other means — to change what you’re willing to spend per click on the fly, potentially maximizing the return you get on your advertising spend. Understanding this concept is critical, as the results can be quite the opposite without a proper background.

Native Advertising: Advertising That Gives Back To The Consumer

White Paper - Native Advertising: Advertising That Gives Back To The Consumer


Solve Media, an ad network offering a pay-per-engagement model for advertisers and publishers, explains how new ad formats can actually enhance the users’ experiences, as opposed to interrupting their web browsing. As a result, a consumer feels more engaged when viewing and clicking an ad, driving up conversion rates.

Getting Results From Every Media Channel

White Paper - Driving More Inbound Calls from Mobile Search


Ring Revenue is a platform that extends the PPC model to the telephone, allowing advertisers to pay on a per call basis, rather than traditional click throughs. In this whitepaper, Ring Revenue discusses maximizing mobile advertising, conversion rates, and enhancing customer experience.

Guiding the Customer Journey

White Paper - Guiding the Customer Journey


In this whitepaper published by GX Software, a provider of content management and marketing software, particular attention is paid to understanding the analytics behind your PPC campaigns, and how the trend of customers accessing your content through multiple devices like tablets, desktops, or mobile phones through the purchase process can be understood. GX Software writes programs that optimize the effectiveness of online communications.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Art & Science of PPC Ad Optimization

White Paper - A Comprehensive Guide to the Art & Science of PPC Ad Optimization


Datapop, a digital advertising and search engine marketing firm, focuses on ad testing and analysis, as well as offering ideas on how to make those test results mean something in your marketing efforts. Further, the elements of a successful text ad are dissected and explained.


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