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10 Social Media Ailments and Remedies, Part 2

Editor’s Note: This is “Part 2″ of a 2-part series on overcoming obstacles in social media marketing. “Part 1” we published previously.

Many businesses seek social media success. But attaining it can be complicated. Here are five more social-media-marketing ailments and their remedies.

6. Lack of Focus

You spend hours each week retweeting, sharing links, and engaging in social conversations. At the end of the year, you are faced with creating a new budget. You know that you can no longer sustain such an extensive social to-do list, but you do not know how to measure social media and determine where your efforts get the best return on investment.

The Remedy: Use your existing metrics, and demonstrate the social benefit.

Argyle Social lets you analyze the response from your social media updates and maps them back to the conversion metrics you set up on your website. You can even access data back to the previous 90 days — demonstrating how an aggregate of tweets and Facebook posts contribute to eventual sales.

Argyle Social

Argyle Social provides tools to manage your social media efforts.

7. Takes too Much Time

There is seemingly always another tweet to write, another blog post to comment on, a hot new social network to join, and a new marketing campaign that you need to support.

The Remedy: Use dedicated resources

Your marketing program needs to evolve; adapt or perish. Your in-house team needs new skills, and a more sophisticated understanding of social media. Work to make that a reality by shifting more marketing dollars into social media. Here are some tips for better social time management.

  • Create a schedule. Block out time to tweet, use Facebook and other social networking sites, and create and curate new content. When you need to write proposals or meet with clients, shut down all your social media activities and focus on the task at hand.
  • Select a social strategy for maximum impact. Go where your customers go — whether that is Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Although most people want many social connections, quality is actually more critical than quantity. Too many connections can even become a distraction, so do not feel obligated to friend, follow back, or become linked with all your fans and followers.

8. Tasks Are Overwhelming

Creating Facebook posts and tweets and networking in LinkedIn groups can be so overwhelming at times that you fail to mitigate a social media disaster, such as a scathing comment on your Facebook page or an angry tweet about your business.

The Remedy: Start using a social dashboard.

Social media management platforms allow you to consolidate multiple social media accounts and manage them all from one place—streamlining your social media efforts. Social dashboards provide an overview of what is happening on all your social channels on just one screen, which lets you easily monitor all your accounts for potential social media disasters. HootSuite is one such solid and user-friendly platform.


HootSuite provides a dashboard for managing your social media presence.

9. Not Helping other Marketing Efforts

You are great at engaging your audience. You achieve a wonderful response; you have some awesome comments, retweets and Liked posts. However, you are not able to optimize your social engagement to help your marketing efforts.

The Remedy: Create a space on your website to feature your best “social moments.”

Your marketing should bring prospects to your website and entice them to take action. Featuring social content and activity on your website is a strategic move, because it makes your Fans and followers feel appreciated, while also encouraging them to promote your business.

10. Not Generating Sales

You get retweeted by the same people repeatedly. You have the same conversation with multiple followers. Your social media efforts are not advancing your sales goals.

The Remedy: Utilize game mechanics.

Game mechanics involves linking your marketing efforts together so that one interaction naturally leads to the next. Create a series of social media events that encourage your followers to engage more deeply. Game mechanics provide a solid framework for social planning and deeper engagement.

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