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10 Social Media Ailments and Remedies, Part 1

Editor’s Note: This is “Part 1” of a 2-part series on diagnosing and solving common social-media-marketing pitfalls. “Part 2” we will publish soon.

Attaining social media success is serious and complex. Staying on top of all the social media channels can be overwhelming. I know firsthand the pains of managing social media channels. Here are common ailments and their remedies for social media.

1. Not Connecting with Right People

Imagine exchanging 30 tweets with someone who is knowledgeable about your industry only to find out later that this person is not a prospect or an industry thought leader, but rather a college sophomore researching a term paper related to your industry. Although you thought you were investing valuable time nurturing a lead, the student is in no position to purchase your product or services.

The Remedy: Get educated about social influence.

Spend time engaging with individuals who can actually move your business forward. You need to identify the most influential social media people in your niche market. Klout is a good site to explore and identify industry movers and shakers. Klout — the standard for social influence — analyzes influence across many social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use Klout to determine if the person you are interacting with is in fact a potential lead or an influencer.


Klout allows you explore influential people in your market through social media.

2. Can’t Filter, to Focus on the Important Stuff

Every time you access Twitter, you likely have a multitude of unread tweets. Your Facebook page could be overflowing with comments from unfamiliar people. You have an insurmountable number of blog posts waiting to be read in your Google Reader.

The Remedy: Get information fast, when you need it.

Cadmus can come in handy here. It shows you the most important social updates from your networks.

3. Can’t Reach my Customers on Social Media

You know that your current customers likely use social media. However, your Facebook page only has 30 Fans. Where are your customers, and how can you connect with them?

The Remedy: Check out your customers’ social profiles.

Finding customers and prospects on Klout can provide you with all their social media accounts. You can search people by email address on Facebook, and a presence on other social networks, such as Twitter and Pinterest, is often shared via Facebook.

4. I Share much Content, But My Website Traffic Is not Increasing

Social media marketing needs to be social. No one likes the guy who only talks about himself. Show that you care with genuine social engagement. Although social media is about sharing, you can still effectively promote your own content.

The Remedy: Create social media landing pages.

Campaign Commander — formerly ObjectiveMarketer — from Emailvision allows you to message and brand all of your social media links with customized content. You get all the benefits of sharing helpful content with your followers, while also showing them the interesting things that you are up to.

5. Don’t Know What my Followers Are Doing Online

You see what happens to your own status updates and blog posts: Visitors come to your site, readers leave comments. However, you are not aware of what these people are up to elsewhere online.

The Remedy: Tell people what you like, to discover what they like.

This is where the biggest names in social media can help you. Twitter and Facebook offer login credentials that any website can adopt. Whenever possible, you should connect to other sites using one of these login protocols and “Like” content across the Internet liberally. Doing this allows you to see who in your networks is also interested in a particular website or certain type of content, providing you with a new opportunity for engagement.

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